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    Your local solar energy consultant with Powur. Whether you need education, a quote, or have a referral, reach out and see how any one of these options could be of benefit to you. Powur provides multiple solutions to fit your need be it panels, storage, or energy savings and rebates.

    Prior to solar solutions, I spent most of my career in the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry providing education and software solutions to customers worldwide and seeing the impact on projects at a global scale.

    A few years into my career, a routine yearly checkup showed that my lab results were out of control. A biopsy finally confirmed that I had IgAN. Which stands for “ Immunoglobulin A Nephropathy”. In short, and without getting too technical in medical terms, the microscopic filters in my kidney were not filtering the the blood waste properly. Throughout the years the goal was always to preserve kidney function for as long as possible.

    Finally, being the recipient of a kidney transplant several years back, I am a strong advocate for you to consider being an organ donor either through your driver’s license or as a living donor. At the top of the website page, there are options to choose from to learn more about how you can accomplish this. It will be the most altruistic effort you will ever do in your life.

    During my spare time, I relax by talking to my beautiful children (both now adults and out of state), walking the streets, beach or desert with my camera to later discover details I may have missed with my own eyes. You can find samples on my gallery in the main menu. I especially enjoy local and cultural events. In addition, I also enjoy real-estate investing, listening to a few favorite podcasts such as Armchair Expert, Grant Cardone, art, science, phycology or simply rocking to great music.

    Life is precious and it goes fast!

    Live it to its fullest.